Arctic adventurer
Yasunaga Ogita

He takes adventure trips by himself on foot, mainly in the Canadian Arctic area, Greenland and near the Arctic Sea. He has been on 15 Arctic trips in the last 18 years from 2000 to 2017, covering over 9000 km across the Arctic region.
Having one of the world's leading Arctic adventure careers, he draws attention from both domestic and foreign media.
He is a one-of-a-kind Japanese "Arctic adventurer".

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Polar architect
Yusuke Murakami

He is a polar architect who investigates the lives of various people in extremely harsh environments such as Antarctica and the Himalayas in order to find the beautiful ways people live there.
In 2008, he participated in the 50th Japan Antarctic Research Expedition as a member of the wintering party, and in 2013 he participated in a long-term Mars simulation experiment called "Mars 160" as a vice captain. He served as a captain in the following 2018's "MDRS Crew 191 TEAM ASIA".
His accumulated experience living in extreme environments exceeds 1000 days, and in recent times he is often dubbed as "the man closest to Mars in Japan".

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