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produced by polar regions.


It was 1956, the firt Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition team reached the South Pole. As their gear, the POLEWARDS supported the first expedition members, and our mission was to create down jackets that could let them work without any stresses in the severe conditions. Since then, POLEWARDS is providing new gear for the challengers who leave for the South Pole.


POLEWARDS, who has evolved by being exposed to severe Arctic environments, expands into a fully-fledged outdoor brand in 2013. We created history at the time of the team formation of the first Japanese Antarctic research expedition. To smoothly execute their mission under the tough, minus 60 degrees Celsius climate, the crew was supplied with the first POLEWARDS down jackets. In 1956, eleven years post World War II, the crew bundled in down, rich in functional cold protection and their iceboat "Soya" left Tokyo Bay. Since then, we have provided cutting edge down outerwear to adventurers with their sights set on polar zones. With product development cultivated over half a century, we continue to aide new explorers to this day.

*At the time of the first Artic expedition, POLEWARDS was not a brand name. The down jackets were simply called down jackets.


Since tackling early post war development with scarce materials and supplying the first Antarctic Research Expedition team with down jackets committed to the task, POLEWARDS continues to produce domestically. Our craftsmen with their obsession to details create high quality products. This mindset is the origin of our craftsmanship. At times, without the simplicity of feedback from explorers facing life-or-death situations, we can't confront the mission at hand. POLEWARDS believes that only from this serious stance will the next generation of outerwear with added refinements be better developed. Given the historical backdrop, choosing to base production only in Japan has become difficult. However, even now, with our obsession for craftsmanship, we aim to advance the quality of POLEWARDS products further.


Over half a century ago, explorers ventured where no Japanese had gone before: to journey and live at the South Pole. As a party, POLEWARDS shared this unknown territory pioneering moment. We now convey the spirit and experience of men like Yasunaga Ogita, the Artic pole explorer who challenged the elements while exposing themselves to danger in a modern day world where outdoor wear is commonly talked as just fashion.

North Pole Adventurer: YASUNAGA OGITA (all Adventurer photos: YASUNAGA OGITA)