Launched as outwear sector (zanter) of Toyo Feather Industry Co.,ltd. developed down feather jacket for mountain climbing and feather sleeping bag, which was the first time in Japan. Researching and developing with Japan Alpine Club, Manaslu climbing party, and verified by climbing Manaslu in mid winter.
Supplied down feather jacket and sleeping bag to Himalaya climbing party.
Supplied down feather jacket and sleeping bag to the first to the third Manaslu climbing party.
Being in charge of feather equipment for the first to the 55th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. Behind mountain climbing boom, being in charge of feather equipment to several japanese mountain climbing party for overseas expeditions.
From Toyo Feather Industry Co.,ltd, separated and independent wear&goods sector, company established as Zanter Co.,Ltd. Started a national sales to climbing store, sports store and fishing store, and products are like outdoor and heavy duty garments.
To make feather garments poplar, researched and developed men's, women's and children's feather products. Spread the distributors at the same time, to carry out nationwide.
Announced new brands, POLEWARDS(outdoor sports), LAPLUMA(ladies wear) and OLNIS(mens wear).
Upon the establishment of Japan Down Products Corporative Association, joined as feather quality standards committee.
Announced new gentrified brands, PLUMADAM,TANZAGARNO, and FEZAN which is for room wear and inner garments.