VENTILE® is the highly functional fabric made with the natural fiber of “cotton”. Using the very thin cotton thread of 80 count, which is usually used for the highest quality dress shirt material called broadcloth, at 160% of broadcloth, this fabric is made at the maximum density that the loom can possibly weave. Developed as the water-resistant material for RAF pilots’ uniforms, it is also used for the uniforms of sea rescue team of Japan’s Ministry of Defense, which should testify the functionality of the fabric.

  • Smart Black®

    Smart Black®, the proprietary material of CHORI, is known for its thermal conductivity. The special carbon polymer absorbs the body temperature and quickly distributes the heat throughout the fabric.

Just Wear It,
and It Generates Heat
Explate Underwear

  • Explate generates heat and makes the warmest underwear.
    It keeps you warm inside the gear even during the coldest of winter.

    Absorbing the moisture from the body to generate heat, the most distinctive property of the functional fiber of Explate is its calorific value. It generates three times more heat than wool. It also has higher hygroscopicity than wool, which is the highest among natural fibers, and can keep you comfortable without the steaming feel inside the underwear. The material is made with 26% of soft rayon, which increases the weight of the fabric to enhance the thermal insulation capacity while actualizing the warm and comfortable in-use feel. In other words, Explate Underwear is developed as the underwear to give the ultimate warmth just by wearing.

  • Pursuit of the Comfort in Addition to the Soft and Warm Feel
    Numerous functionalities make this garment even more comfortable.

    The deodorant effect to fight the odor such as ammonia keeps it clean, and the superior water absorbency keeps it dry. The antistatic property prevents the generation of irritating static, and the pH control ability neutralizes the alkalized garment with sweat to reduce the burden on the skin. Abundant functionalities enhance the comfort to give you the invigorating winter.

Four Original Materials to
Counter the Tough Natural Environment

Dual Force

Dual Force with two excellent functionalities of water-resistance and moisture permeability is the material developed in Japan.
Among these, the special emphasis is placed on the moisture permeability to guarantee the comfort in the more humid climate of Japan with heavier waterfall than European countries.

  • Dual Force ADVANCED

    Dual Force

    This material is made for the super moisture permeability. The most important factor to keep the users comfortable in the outdoor activities is not to get wet. Dual Force quickly discharges moisture such as rain and sweat to outside. And the pinnacle of the Dual Force range is Dual Force ADVANCED. Excellent moisture permeability, durability, and water discharge ability coexist in this state-of-art material.

  • Dual Force INTELLIGENT

    Dual Force

    Membranes have special shape-memory function to change the interval between molecules in different ambient temps. The permeable amount of moisture changes in line with the fluctuation of the surrounding environment to preserve the comfort inside the garment. Great for a wide array of activities including casual mountain climbing and trekking.

  • Dual Force STRETCH

    Dual Force

    This material is made of fabric and moisture permeable/water-resistant film with microscopic pores which are smaller than water drops and larger than steam. This treatment enables to prevent water such as rain drops to come inside while discharging the sweat steam to the outside. Plus, its “ventilating” property renders the higher moisture permeability than regular films.

  • Dual Force KINETIC

    Dual Force

    Using the same membranes as Dual Force ADVANCED, this lighter and more moisture permeable material is made with different outer shell and liner. Perfect for challenging activities which make you sweat a lot, e.g. speed hiking and trail running.

Expert Materials Developed
by the Japanese Technology
Guarantee Any Movement You Want

Dual Force STRETCH

  • Pentagonal gusset allows comfortable movement of arms.

    Pentagonal gusset allows comfortable movement of arms.

    Pentagonal gussets are placed in the armpits, allowing smooth movement of arms for the comfortable in-use feel. The strength of this brand shows in such invisible parts supporting functionalities required for outdoor activities.

  • Use of raised fabric reduces the burden on the jaw.

    Use of raised fabric reduces the burden on the jaw.

    The coarse feel to the jaw you feel when you wear the gear. In order to lessen the discomfort, we apply the raised fabric at the back of the chin guard. Nice and smooth in the texture, it transform the in-use feel to absolutely stress-free.

  • Proprietary triple-layer structure securely blocks the water.

    Proprietary triple-layer structure securely blocks the water.

    Triple storm straps are used along the zipper in the front. This triple-layer structure securely seals off the water to seep inside. The neat line and the narrow design give this highly functional structure a cool impression.

  • Adjustable hood embraces the shape of your face.

    Adjustable hood embraces the shape of your face.

    The hood is separately sewn from three directions, and is equipped with two drawstring cords to tighten the fit. Superbly fitting, it cleans up the silhouette around your face. Also, it can be folded in the back of the collar neatly, so no hassle needed.

  • Just draw the string, and it fits you perfectly.

    Just draw the string, and it fits you perfectly.

    The jacket is also equipped with a drawstring cord at the hem. Just like the one in the hood, it can be adjusted with a single maneuver to enhance the fit. As it is inside the jacket, it does not disturb the cool looks. Quite considerate, right?

  • Careful works in details reinforces the seams.

    Careful works in details reinforces the seams.

    In order to prevent the water from seeping in, the seams are reinforced by seam tapes from the inside. As thin as possible, the tapes do not disturb the cool silhouette of the jacket. They also are moisture permeable, so rest assured and enjoy your activities.

  • Keep the comfortable in-use feel while showing off your skinny legs.

    Keep the comfortable in-use feel while showing off your skinny legs.

    These narrow pants are designed sterically below the knees. And the switch of seams above the knees gives the silhouette of tapered pants for the benefit of making your legs look longer.

  • Adjust the pants easily without taking off your boots.

    Adjust the pants easily without taking off your boots.

    Open up the flapped zipper at the pant hem, and you will find the small drawstring cord inside. You can adjust the size with no hassle with your boots on. As it is located inside the pant leg, it does not bother the clean silhouette of the pants.